How did Sirgoodlooking start?

I’m Karem and in 2015 I was reading the Bible in search for some life answers.  I came across Exodus 35:35 and the word designer connected with me.

A warm feeling wrapped around my body and from there I knew that’s where I needed to start..so I became a designer.

With no experience, I took a few courses and discovered I had a talent for it.  

Took this discovery and designed my first hit!  A peace sign.  

Plus, I was an aspiring model and even though I got rejected from every agency in NY and LA, I asked myself..

“Why not Use technology, my Love for style, Talent in writing and design, Fascination with computers and start a Style Tech Company?

Connecting the dots.

How’s Sirgoodlooking different?

It’s crafted to be a Sophisticated Look With a Rich Mindset.

Where did the rich mindset come from?  

I’ve studied rich people and how to Make Money.  Not just earn money.  There’s a huuuugge difference!  


I’ve been blessed with wisdom at a young age

When you become a customer you’re part of the Sirgoodlooking identity.

You get everything I’ve learned for Free in the newsletter.  Packaged in an email.

Sharing my gifts and using my talents to make you look sophisticated while molding your brain into a rich mindset.


One of the biggest joys in life is giving back.  I’m impressed by big numbers.  So when you do buy many things that you like, just know that part of your money is being circulated back into the world for even better services like feeding hungry people.

You’re now part of a bigger vision.  

To support this online store and make a difference in the world!

Creating a win for you, win for Sirgoodlooking and a win for the world.  I call it the tri-fecta.  

Located in the U.S.A

Accessories come from oversees.

Take a Look and Shop Now!